Flex 900 Ball Joints for Watermain

Flex 900 Ball Joints for Watermain

When working on pressure pipelines, compensating for ground movements, seismic activity and vibration can be a challenge for designers and asset owners. Particularly when using rigid pipe materials.

Transitioning from below to above ground and across bridge structures can also present challenges, requiring solutions to counterbalance movement in a range of planes.

These images show Flex 900 ball joints installed on a pipeline bridge as part of realignment project for a significant watermain in Auckland.

The Flex 900’s featured here are one of the FLEXTEND family of products providing designers and asset owners with proven movement solutions.

These include the EBBA Iron FLEX-TEND® and Force Balanced FLEX-TEND®

Manufactured in ductile iron and Fusion Bonded Epoxy coated the Internationally acclaimed Flex-tend range of products are suitable for use on a range of pipeline materials including DI, CLS, PE and PVC and others.

Article by: Richard Morron – Business Development Manager – Hynds Water • Sales Northern

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